Friday, May 07, 2004

Pictures of Those Who Work to Kill Us

Many people wring their hands on and on about the poor and pitiful Iraqi prisoners' humuliation when they were paraded around like women and pictures taken of them naked playing swordfights with fellow prisoners. Yeah, so what? If they don't get over it, they can bite me.

Here is what didn't happen:

1. Fingers chopped off one knuckle at a time.

2. Sprayed with pig fat.

3. Castrated with my old fishing knife.

4. Pissed on.

5. Puked on.

6. Shat on.

7. Had eyeballs gorged out.

8. Head amputations.

9. etc.

For the love of Jesus, when can we stop being asked to feel sorry for these dirt-bags from a gutter culture and their made up 'religion'. The crybabies.