Thursday, October 07, 2004

OK. No more.

No more politics. Life is all politics, but just no more of that bush keri thingie.

No more discussions, or thoughts, about how in AMerica, everyone has their rights and everything is OK. Fags can do their thing. muff divers can lick the carpet. whites and blacks can marry each other. oh, what else is there that we didn't used to do.

oh, stay in our own fruit-cake cities, towns and countries. hey, all you mexicans, and you folks from asia. dont come over here and say, 'but thats not the way we did it back home'. well go home if you dont like it here, i dont remember inviting you.

Thats my confession.

The next time I blog, i will leave out my lack of acceptance of people different than me. I promise, maybe.