Monday, December 20, 2004

Am I a Conservative?

I don't believe so.
I like to think I am a liberal if only for the reason I like labor unions. The Ether Zone has this interesting take on the five ingredients.
The first necessary ingredient for a conservative is a belief in smaller government. 20 points here.
The second necessary ingredient for a conservative is a belief in national sovereignty and isolationism. 15 points here. Not really sure what is meant by isolation.
The third is a belief in the Rule of Law---beginning with the Constitution of the United States. The Bill of Rights is essentially sacrosanct. A conservative does not believe in a "living Constitution". 20 points
A fourth necessary ingredient to conservatism is a belief in traditional values. 5 points as long as they are my traditional values
The fifth necessary ingredient to conservatism is adherence to principle. 10 points see #4 above
Mark me up as 70% conservative.
I like smaller government, national sovereignty, isolation, and rule of law best of all.
The other two bother me. Traditional values -- that depends on whose values we talk about. The Roman Church has a bunch, the mullahs have another bunch. I have quiet a few myself. Now I don't care too much for new values, and those other fellows' scare me.
The last one adherence to principle. That's a good one, but still slippery. I stand by my principles; but what about other's; as long as they like mind, we'll be OK.