Monday, December 27, 2004

And they'd have you believe their religion is freedom loving and tolerant. er, does 'whites only' sound any better. sigh... Posted by Hello

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Blogger Shaymaa, a true friend said...

Hi Lynn,

My name is Shaymaa and I am a Muslim.
I actually saw your blog by coincidence, but now I can see this an opportunity for dialogue.
I would first like to ask you to read my comment on this picture as below:
As you may know Saudi Arabia has 2 cities that are "holy" for Muslims, visiting them and performing rituals in some places inside these cities is an essential part of the "Pilgrimage". That should explain why the road sign defines roads that Muslims can take and other roads that non-Muslims must take, only to avoid non-Muslims joining Muslims by mistake while performing their rituals , which I am sure something non-Muslims would not be interested in !
In addition to this and since Alcohols are totally prohibited in Islam , non-Muslims are not allowed to enter these holy places for fear they might be drinking .
So as you can see , this has been done for 2 valid purposes and without the slightest intention to discriminate against anyone . As a matter of fact Islam teaches us to accept our differences and Quraan says : (( O people , I have created you from tribes and nations , so that you may know one another ..yet the best of you in God's eye is the one who is Pious)).
I hope I was able to refute the misconception.

Have a good day


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