Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Elias Canetti

Elias Canetti, the 1981 Nobel Prize winner in Literature, provided us with three principles of power:

  • The right to question and to demand answers,
  • The right to judge and condemn,
  • The right to pardon and show mercy.
This three step process, while used extensively by brutal regimes, remains the management tool of choice of global corporations. The power to destroy a reputation, then lift the sanction imposed by the humiliating defeat brings all employees to their knees. They cower and bow to keep their meager positions and avoid the wrath of the moralistic condemnations for their superiors.

And from the Boston Globe's obits:

Mr. Canetti, a Bulgarian-born British citizen who wrote in German, was buried Wednesday in Zurich beside Irish author James Joyce. He went into seclusion after he won the prize.

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