Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Enjoyment of Freedom

Nazi politicians & fighters from WWII, who had been trained in a variety of controlling, torturing and killing, had little interest in the niceties of pluralism, human rights, or civic freedoms, and they were dependent upon their swords, knives, and guns to maintain their power.
Now I am not intimately familiar with the workings of our democracy by training but I have benefitted and enjoyed life by living here for a very long time in a free society that is more liberal in every respect than any Nazi government.
The pluralism, human rights, or civic freedoms that Americans enjoy does not exist in other countries and I refuse to accept that those other 'cultures' as equal to ours. And I accept those who come to our country who come to enjoy those freedoms, but those who wish to destroy what we have, shall go back to where they came.
People in all cultures feel their reality equally. But feeling your reality as strongly as I do doesn't make your reality equal or better.
We are a country ruled by laws, not by man. Equal opportunity means everyone starts out with the same chance at being President of the USA. The head guy isn't decided by a group of preachers. He isn't decided by the order of his birth in a monarchy. He isn't the guy in charge of the military. He is the fellow you and I elected.
Now sometimes my guy doesn't get elected. But always the right guy gets the job and while I may not be right, I still have influence.
None of the Jews in Hitler's Germany had influence. None of the Christians living in a muslim theocracy have influence. In fact, both can and are killed for being who they are.