Monday, December 27, 2004

Fayette County Under Fire

From AP Christmas wire:

Here we go again. The muslim religion withdrew their application Fayette County. As usual the rest of the story shows this religion's deception.

"Memphis businessman Mohammad Halimah said the group is considering several options, including refiling the request.

Halimah, a U.S. citizen with four children born in the United States, said more than 15,000 Muslims live in the Memphis area, and their small private cemetery is running out of burial space.

In the meantime, he and several colleagues are trying to meet with residents individually to discuss their concerns. No zoning change is needed for a cemetery on church grounds, so building a mosque on the site is also a possibility.

Complaints about the proposal, he said, are often based on ignorance. Some residents do not understand that Islam teaches peace."

I previously warned about steam rolling in their quest for more land by bullying there possibly new neighbors. They have called us names, lied, deceived, withheld information and don't provide complete information.

And you said...