Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Moyers Redux

Seems like the islamizts don't think too highly of PBS:
"Sadly, we know that PBS will be the poorer for your leaving--just another reason to keep our money in our pockets on pledge drive days. I'd much rather give my money to , ,  and  so that the real news can come out to the world. "
Well, my gosh, they don't think highly of anyone who doesn't promote muslimism. Then they go on about how Moyers was a tiny bit better that a lot of other mainstream media:
"I do not accuse him of willful bad intentions, but of carelessness and listening to the same New York and Washington, DC talking heads who lead us astray on so many issues so regularly--and continue to do so."
Of course, Sam Hamod doesn't agree with me either because I think the established media glosses over the threat of the terrorizing muslims, like they did with the 6,600,000 Jews who were murdered during the holocaust. Why didn't the established media take up the Jewish cause during the mid-twentieth century?
Is it because of their own self-nihilism? The threat is real and coming at us from all levels.